Enterprise Resource Planning

The Best Management Software to Run a Company

Altech Omega is your premier ERP partner.
Bringing your entire company process into a seamless chain of events known as the “Value Chain”.
View any real time activities on an easy to view control panel using your desktop or mobile device.
Our ERP Indonesia suite of modules provides secure access to sensitive data.


Inventory control is a difficult task for any company.
AOA ERP inventory module lets you view your company stock real-team from the time it enters the warehouse, tracks your product until customer deliver real-time.
Know exactly what you stock count is for hundreds of products and parts at the touch of your finger.
Our AOA ERP inventory module gives you control and 100% accountability of every product and part in your company.



AOA ERP module lets you track your company sales progress.
View each individually sales right to the “Closing the Deal”.
Follow the progress of each salesmen, group or entire Sales department on our web base ERP system.
Create schedules events keeping your sales team focused on increased sales.
Give your company the competitive edge with AOA ERP sales module.



Purchasing can be a difficult task.
Knowing what to order and how much.
Calculating the cost, shipment time and all the documentation needed.
This is all time consuming and difficult to track.
Make your purchasing process simply, seamless and 100% real-time tracking.
AOA ERP module delivers resultants that make your company more efficient so you can save money



Invoicing made easy.
Our ERP invoicing module generates all pessary documents including “E-Faktur” to meet all government requirements.
You can follow the entire payment process alerting your customers of late payments.
Real time updating to finance depart.


Accounting & Finance

AOA ERP Accounting departing module tracks everything real-time.
We connect your accounting system to an easy to view control panel.
Seeing is believing. Let AOA ERP connect you company process today.View your finance department real-time through web base, anytime, anywhere.
Knowing your current finance position is import in todays fast moving economy.
Know where your money is and how it is being spent real-time using an easy to use control panel.



Controlling your order flow could be difficult. It even must be tracked everytime, mostly 24/7. A single missstep would be a snowball effect, bigger and bigger problem. AOA could help you into a controlled manufacture progress with detailed reports. Know every single problem in a minute and handle it quickly.



Whether you run business by selling things or dong kind of services, you need a important thing: your customer. Maintain your customer satisfaction is a must. That’s what CRM means to be. With AOA ERP system, it simplified your customer managing. Manage your customer order flow, track the development of proposed project, solving their feedback. It all packed in one CRM module.